Wymondham Tiffey Trails viewing Tower

Wymondham Tiffey Trails viewing Tower

The river Tiffey and its valley link the heritage of built and green environments running through Wymondhams conservation area, nature reserves and public open spaces. The Wymondham Arts Forum consulted with the local people about the use of their green spaces, and identified improvements which could encourage people to explore the Tiffey Valley. They also hoped to draw them into a varied programme of events and activities to discover its heritage, thereby opening up the countryside to a wide cross section of the public.

With the creation of two wooden viewing towers, it was intended to emulate the historic towers of Wymondham Abbey. These will provide a landmark goal for families exploring the valley and offer a raised outlook on the landscape and a distant view of the Abbey in its natural setting. They also provide a site for information boards and interpretive art, drawing in particular on the towns’ traditional industry of wood carving and turning.

The towers, with new interpretation boards, signs, spypoles, benches and waymarkers, now highlight the valleys undervalued heritage and improve access. Their construction and decoration in wood preserves Wymondham's traditional industry.

WREN funding was used for the construction of a viewing tower at Toll's Meadow with ramp access from the adjacent road. This enables all members of the public to gain a better viewpoint over the valley.

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Norfolk & Suffolk
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Mar 22, 2006
Feb 16, 2008
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FCC Community Action Fund
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