Laxton Village Hall Refurbishment

The original community building was donated by the Army in 1919 and the village paid for it to be constructed following delivery from Paull in Holderness.  It was a timber framed and clad nissen type hut and known as the Victory Hall.

In 1962 the land was donated by Captain Phillip Saltmarshe to the village, by way of trust and this became a charity.  During the 1970's and 80's the hall was extended and a brick skin added to the exterior of the hall.

In 2001 the current village hall committee got together.  At the time there were no funds available for remedial or on-going expenses.  It was decided to fund raise for capital expenditure for refurbishment of the building.

Main Hall

In January 2006 a survey showed that most people were in favour of refurbishing the existing facilities.  So in March 2007 a building survey was done and this highlighted areas of remedial work that needed doing.

The aim of the project was to provide a safe, pleasant, energy efficient and useful building.  Therefore the village hall committee approached the refurbishment of the building in a modular fashion and decided to tackle the urgent areas first.

External View of the Refurbished Village Hall

The works included:

1. A new roof and associated joinery/guttering works

2. Electrical replacements

3. Windows and doors

4. Internal wall insulation

5. Heating system

6. Flooring

7. Improved access, including disabled access

Official Opening

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Penny Horne
Jan 01, 2008
Apr 01, 2008
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FCC Community Action Fund
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